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CARL 123N 重型3孔打孔機 (150頁)


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● Double side, Self-centering gauge for easy paper positioning

● Ergonomic handle for effortless punching

● One-touch exchange of punching disks

● Easy-to-remove large capacity chip tray

Punching Capacity: 150 sheets

Hole Distance: 108mm

Size: L338 x W307 x H175 mm

Standard accessories included:

● 2pcs of punching male die blade(P-123MD)

● 2pcs of punching disk (P-B01)


● P-B01 (punching disk)

● P-123MD (punching male die blade)


CARL 123N 重型3孔打孔機 (150頁)

產品編號: CARL 123N 重型3孔打孔機 (150頁)
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