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ETONA S210 旋轉式釘書機


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StaplesETONA-26/6(1M), ETONA-26/6(1MC) 
ETONA-26/6(5M), ETONA-26/6(5MC)

Max CapacityNormal/24 pages 
Swivel in 90 degrees/12 pages (64g paper)


Dimensions(D x W x H)213 mm x 78 mm x 78 mm

Weight385 g

ColorsHandle/Gray, Base/Lightgray

AttachmentOne box of ETONA-26/6(5M)

ETONA S210 旋轉式釘書機

產品編號: ETONA S210 旋轉式釘書機
價格: $0.0